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Glow Dust


Our handcrafted Glow Dust is a stunning loose mineral powder that will give you the ultimate California Glow!! This is a golden shift shade that emulates every tone imaginable. From the warm California desert sunsets to the cool pale blue beachy sunrises; this shade shifts through every golden tone you thought you've seen before- it's truly gorgeous!! 

HOW TO USE: Most importantly this special shade was specifically made to be blended with our Signature Illuminating Oils, to create your very own custom creamy highlight blend! If you like a striking bronze, dewy glow, then blend Glow Dust with our SUNCHILD Oil for the sun goddess look! If you prefer a more natural, everyday glow, you can blend with our rosy LOVECHILD and dab on cheeks, lips and eyes for a wearable monochromatic look! The possibilities are truly endless with all the custom blends you can create! Since Glow Dust is a golden base as well as all of our Illuminating oils, they will all pair together nicely, it simply depends on your style, mood and which look you want to create! :) If the dewy look is not what you desire, Glow Dust is also absolute perfection on it's own to highlight the entire face- it's the most beautiful angelic glow!

INGREDIENTS: mica, kaolin clay. may contain: titanium dioxide, tin oxide. contains: 1.75g/ .06 oz