• Aloe Konjac Polisher
  • Aloe Konjac Polisher
  • Aloe Konjac Polisher
Sweet Cheeks

Aloe Konjac Polisher


Irritated Skin? Let's Calm it! Use the Aloe Polisher.


What is making your skin feel irritated? Are you in the heat, the AC, the sun, the wind? Do you use abrasive cleansers or toners, stress out or exercise? What about your tap water? We think that all of those experiences dry your skin! How 'bout some healing aloe?


If you don't have filtered water from your tap, try soaking your polisher in filtered water. Have enough on hand to rinse your face a couple times. The Konjac in our polishers will cleanse, exfoliate, and balance pH. The aloe will soothe discomfort, nourish and moisturize your skin. It is good for allergic reactions too.