• Body Bar Konjac Polisher
  • Body Bar Konjac Polisher
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Body Bar Konjac Polisher


Hello, Body Bar! Get That All Over Glow!


Discard your washcloth, your loofah and that silly synthetic poof. You know they're all full of bacteria, right? Well, we have an anti-microbial polisher to cleanse, exfoliate and balance your skin's pH. 


Introducing the Body Bar made just like our original Pure Organic Konjac Polisher only in a larger bar size. It is simply Konjac root and purified water. Use in the shower and the bath and hang it to dry when you're done. 


Customers report no more in-growns after shaving, sugaring or waxing, no more bumps on arms and thighs, and no more rough elbows or knees.


Pure is the perfect start to your collection. Put a bit of soap or wash on the polisher and it lathers up like crazy. After using your skin polisher consistently, you will notice the pH of your skin is balanced, clearer and softer.


Replace your polisher every 6-8 weeks or as necessary. They're all eco-friendly. Compost your old one!