• Collagen Konjac Polisher
  • Collagen Konjac Polisher
  • Collagen Konjac Polisher
Sweet Cheeks

Collagen Konjac Polisher


Dry Skin? Hydrate! Use the Collagen Polisher.


What's making your skin feel dry, Sweet Cheeks? Are you using cleansers or toners that have become too astringent or too abrasive for your skin? Are you exercising too much? 


Our skin can be different every day. The best we can do to keep up is cleanse, exfoliate, balance pH, and add some hydrating collagen* to our routine.


This skin polisher will cleanse, exfoliate, and maintain pH. Collagen's moisturizing properties can plump skin and improve the appearance of fine lines. Regular use can improve elasticity.


Put your moisturizer on top of that and relax. 


*Our collagen is Marine-based Type 1.