• The enmarie® On-the-Go Collection

The enmarie® On-the-Go Collection


Perfect for tossing in your carry-on, gym bag or suitcase, the enmarie® On-the-Go Collection contains smaller, globe-trotting sized versions of our favorite oils.


  • 2 oz/59 ml enmarie® Beloved Body Oil
  • ½ oz/15 ml enmarie® Treasured Face Oil
  • ½ oz/15 ml enmarie® Nurturing Neck & Décolletage Oil
  • .05 oz/1.5 ml enmarie® Not-to-be-Forgotten Nail & Cuticle Oil 


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Enmarie® Beloved Body Oil 2-ounce size

Enmarie’s Beloved Body Oil is ultra-softening and uber-moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Loaded with fortifying omega fatty acids, our Beloved Body Oil helps to maintain skin’s supple and elastic appearance. It softens and soothes, leaving a heavy emollient effect that soothes and relieves dryness.


Enmarie® Treasured Face Oil .15 ml size

Enmarie’s Treasured Face Oil combines the richness of Pomegranate Seed Oil with the revitalizing properties of St. John’s Wort and Evening Primrose Oil to fight signs of premature aging of the skin. It improves the appearance of fine lines as it nourishes and protects your skin, leaving it glowing and silky soft to the touch.


Enmarie® Nurturing Neck & Decolletage Oil .15 ml size

Enmarie’s Nurturing Neck and Decolletage Oil is a heavy-weight oil, both literally and figuratively, that will create lasting hydration while also delivering soothing and rejuvenating benefits to your skin.


Enmarie® Not-to-be-Forgotten Nail and Cuticle Oil .05 ml size

Enmarie’s Not-to-be-Forgotten Nail and Cuticle Oil is a super-star solution for dry, brittle nails and damaged cuticles that provides moisture and soothing protection.