• Lavender Konjac Polisher
  • Lavender Konjac Polisher
  • Lavender Konjac Polisher
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Lavender Konjac Polisher


Sensitive Skin? We've Got You! Use the Lavender Polisher.


Lavender reminds us of being at a spahhhh. Can you smell it? In terms of skin, it is known to lower irritation, prevent infection, and reduce inflammation.*



This Organic Konjac & Lavender Polisher is made from pure Konjac and lavender. It is fragrance-free so I'm sorry to say that it won't offer aromatherapy benefits. However, combined with Konjac this skin polisher will cleanse, exfoliate, and balance pH. The lavender will relieve irritation and calm your skin. Through gentle exfoliation and consist use, it can assist in accelerating cell regeneration.


*source:, 7 Impressive Benefits of Lavender, December 19, 2017.