• Lovechild Illuminating Oil
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Lovechild Illuminating Oil


LOVECHILD Illuminating Oil is a highly concentrated potion made to be used alone for maximum potency or mixed with other moisturizers, oils or mineral makeup for an added boost of sparkle and glow!

Certified organic rosehip oil gives skin a natural and healthy glow while nourishing and hydrating.

Certified organic grapeseed oil balances and tones the skin.

Lovechild compliments every skin tone by exuding a nude pink glow- wearable for day or night.

HOW TO USE: SHAKE WELL!! The rosy mica will settle at the bottom of the glass so be sure to shake well before use to evenly disperse the sparkles. Lovechild can be used alone for the ultimate pink sparkling glow, but I highly recommend adding it as a boost to your favorite lotion, balm or hair oil to enhance your other favorite products as well! If I am going out for the evening, I will apply a few drops to my damp hair after a shower. My favorite is to mix equal parts Lovechild oil with my go-to body lotion for the perfect healthy glow to my entire body! I also mix a couple of drops with my favorite beauty balm or mineral makeup to create my very own highlighter for the face and decollate. This rosy-nude glow is unlike anything else you have seen, the perfect metallic shade of rosy pink, it is truly the ultimate shade of love!!

INGREDIENTS: organic rosehip oil rosa rubiginosa, organic grape seed oil vitis vinifera, mica, titanium dioxide, tocopherols (non-gmo)

**NOTE** Lovechild oil MAY transfer sparkles onto other things due to the high concentration of mica used and I do not use any emulsifiers in my products to ensure the natural and nontoxic quality. Adding Lovechild as a boost to other products such as lotions, balms and mineral makeup will help significantly reduce transfer of sparkles.