• Peppermint Konjac Polisher
  • Peppermint Konjac Polisher
  • Peppermint Konjac Polisher
Sweet Cheeks

Peppermint Konjac Polisher


Oily or Broken Out Skin? Let's Fix It! Use the Peppermint Polisher.


It happens to all of us. Waking up one morning to find that your beautiful, clear skin has changed feels like a betrayal. Let's fix it!


This Organic Konjac & Peppermint Polisher is made from pure Konjac and peppermint.  This polisher will cleanse, exfoliate, and balance your skin's pH. The added peppermint will clear clogged pores and control oil. It is an anti-inflammatory and will calm your skin.


At the first sight of a red, white, or black spot, gently massage the area. Let the Konjac and peppermint do the work for you. Do not scrub and do not pick!