• Scalp Relief Conditioner
Lotus Rx

Scalp Relief Conditioner


Lotus Rx prescription strength scalp relief conditioner works at the root cause to fight flaky skin, reduce redness, itching and promote healing. The hydrating formulation delivers a conditioning and soothing result.

Chamomile and nettle work together to reduce inflammation, irritation and restore balance. Olive and macadamia oil deliver deep conditioning and leave a silky finish without heavy buildup. The presence of wheat germ oil, a triglyceride-derived oil that contains a variety of fatty acids, proteins and a high content of Vitamin A, strengthens and revitalizes hair. Combine with Lotus Rx Dandruff Shampoo for superior cleansing, healing and conditioning results. No artificial preservative or dye.


Lotus Rx was developed with the intent to effectively treat dandruff with prescription strength active ingredient while gently washing, nourishing and conditioning both hair and scalp. The sulfate free shampoo and conditioner system work together to balance color and retain protein without harsh chemicals that strip or dull hair.

The active ingredient, pyrithione zinc is a proven antiseborrheic and works by slowing the production of skin cells, which helps to reduce flakiness. This unique salon formulation shampoo and conditioner solution will leave hair shiny, soft and dandruff free.


Who is it for:

  • Women: Lotus Rx is for women who color and/or keratin treat their hair and are looking for a prescription based dandruff/dry scalp shampoo that won’t strip the color or moisture.
  • Men: Lotus Rx is also for men who experience dry/dandruff scalp or dry itchy beard and are looking for an alternative to what’s currently available.
  • Individuals undergoing chemotherapy: Gentle, soothing treatment for chemotherapy induced seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.