• The Pick-Me-Up Nano-Mister
  • The Pick-Me-Up Nano-Mister
Sweet Cheeks

The Pick-Me-Up Nano-Mister


This little hand-held* wonder mists nano-ions of moisture on to your skin whenever you need a little pick me up. Charge it then fill it with pure water. It is perfect on a flight, in traffic, setting makeup, relaxing hair--anytime, actually.


The nano-vaporization mists through our skin's surface pores to reach the tissue below for quick, easy absorption. It will keep your skin looking polished all day.


It charges via USB (included) and acts as a battery pack** for your cell phone. A refillable travel bottle comes with it so you can keep your nanomister full.


Use our Pure Organic Konjac Skin Polisher to cleanse and exfoliate in preparation for the nano-ions. So scientific, Sweet Cheeks!


*Actual size is 5" tall and 2" wide.

**2,000 mAh and is approved to carry on domestic & international flights.