Ingredient Intel – BEAUTY IN THE Raw Ingredients

BEAUTY IN THE Raw uses only the highest quality, premium Raw ingredients.  They strive to use virgin, unrefined organic and wild-craft ingredients.  They also use minimally processed raw ingredients whenever possible for maximum nutrient retention.  Using ingredients in their unrefined or minimally processed state retains vitamins and nutrients, and they are more effective for your skin.


Did you know that many butters and oils are processed using high heat (which destroys molecules) and added solvents such as hexane (can leave behind nasty chemical residues) because it is fast and cost-effective?  BEAUTY IN THE Raw thinks it's worth it to source only the best ingredients for all their products.  


Think about it, when purchasing good olive oil, you might look for extra-virgin cold pressed oil.  In addition, creating good quality oil is an art form.  The process takes longer, which is part of the reason you pay more for better quality oil.  The same is true for the butters and oils that they use in their products.  BEAUTY IN THE Raw uses Raw butters and oils that are extracted using the gentlest processes, and they never use anything that is solvent extracted (so nasty chemical residues in the final products).


Here’s a chart breakdown of all the raw ingredients BEAUTY IN THE Raw uses:

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