What To Do When Your Balm Melts

Is your favorite balm melting in this summer heat?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


With natural skincare products comes natural quirks.  That’s totally normal and totally safe.  It’s a friendly reminder that your balms are all natural and change texture as the weather warms and cools.  Various balms are created with various oils and butters, and those oils and butters have varying melting point.  Just like ice cream, your balms may melt and liquefy in warmer temps and solid as the temperature cools back down.  But rest assure that your balm is just as effective in both states.


So here’s the solution to turn your liquid balm back to its solid form in just 2 simple steps:

  1. Secure the lid and give your jar a shake. That’s because the ingredients can layer (you know science), so you’ll want to redistribute all the luscious ingredients back together.
  2. Place you jar in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. As a bonus, your now solid balm adds an extra cooling effect when applied to your skin.


And that’s it!  Quick, easy, and you’ll be balm ready in no time.