• Six Steps to Finish the Last Half 2019 with Healthy Skin

    Let’s finish the last half of 2019 with better skin.  So we’ve got some tips to help you get it done: Water, drink plenty of water. Are you drinking enough water throughout the day?  Pro-tip, incorporate water breaks during certain part of your day to the point where it becomes routine.  Try dri... View Post
  • What To Do When Your Balm Melts

    Is your favorite balm melting in this summer heat?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.   With natural skincare products comes natural quirks.  That’s totally normal and totally safe.  It’s a friendly reminder that your balms are all natural and change texture as the weather warms and cools.  Various ... View Post
  • Get Your Skin Ready for Bed

    So is sleeping with makeup on actually bad for your skin?  Yes, yes it is!   Here’s why: Now we all know that sleep is important.  We’ve learned it from a really young age (being skeptical about it), experience it (via late night college studying), and embrace its preciousness (as an adult).  It’... View Post